Helping Hands Graduate Team Building Case Study with Holcim Client

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Holcim Graduate staff embraced The Thrill Helping Hands CSR program, building a set of prosthetic hands for those that have lost their hands.

Team building can be immensely rewarding for both the client and the facilitators when the right ingredients are mixed. Holcim creates the foundation for success of its staff, implementing concrete decisions that allow the growth of the individual employee. Recently I enjoyed facilitating and witnessing their commitment to staff training.Holcim Graduates experiences of building hands for others as a csr team building activity

Below is

Team Building Evaluation from Louise Dooley, Learning & Development Advisor, Holcim Australia & New Zealand Graduate Helping Hands Training Day

Dear Thrill team events,

Thanks for sending through the images – they are great!!

Just a big thank you once again, the guys really enjoyed the afternoon and really got the chance to network and build upon their current skillsets.

I think it is such a wonderful idea – a truly meaningful activity – allowing our group to ‘give something back’ and contribute to making other people’s lives better. It can’t get much better than that!

Thanks again Konrad.

Ratings from 1 Low  to  7 Excellent / 100%Thumbs up from graduates building Prosthetic Hands with Thrill team facilitators

Rate the Program overall: 7 / 100%

Level of Satisfaction: 7 / 100%

Rate the quality of Coordinator: 7 / 100%

Equipment provided: 7 / 100%

More detail –

Why did you choose this program for your team?

I love the concept of this program, I am very passionate about it! It is also particularly relevant to our business – finger/hand injuries on site are something we do encounter.

Did the program meet and / or exceed or satisfy your requirements? Yes

If Yes – How?

Konrad Lippmann did a fantastic job facilitating the group and kept energy levels high – the guys were engaged, motivated and all reported how ‘meaningful’ the afternoon was (while getting the chance to network at the same time).

If No – What was lacking? N/A

Which part of the program was your teams favourite, Why?

   They each enjoyed different parts , but overall building the hands and seeing the video at the end really brought it all together for our guys.

Further comments, reference or testimonial –

Please write your reference / testimonial of your experience with THRILL.

We can’t recommend the helping hands activity with Thrill team events more highly!

It was an incredible afternoon that brought our group together, encouraging teamwork, networking and communication between participants.

What a wonderful way to build team morale, while ‘giving back’

    – such a meaningful and worthwhile activity that has a huge impact in improving someone else’s life!!CSR team building prosthetic hands with Thrill client graduates Holcim staff

Thanks team Thrill – we will be engaging you again.

Any Suggestions or Improvements that could be made?

    The only thing we would recommend is a way to see where your hands actually go – some footage of the hands been delivered is something that we think would really enhance the overall experience.

How can THRILL best support your business in the future?

    We will be sure to recommend Thrill to our colleagues and keep you guys in mind for our future graduate events!

Kind regards,

Louise Dooley
Learning & Development Advisor,
Holcim Australia & New Zealand

Tower B, Level 8, 799 Pacific Highway, Chatswood, NSW 2067
Phone +61 2 9412 6562

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Please contact Thrill csr programs for your next graduate team building investment into helping others.

02 9630 2222

Article by Konrad Lippmann 20th September 2017 in Sydney.