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Adding value to your next conference or event planning process is one of the most important features in creating a memorable corporate meeting or event experience.

Wilna from eventsmart provides an excellent insight into event and conference planning success.

As you will know, with every dollar of your budget counting during a conference, event spend remaining under scrutiny, and expectations higher than ever. Adding value comes down to you generating a high level of participation from your delegates from the start, which can be quite challenging! professional conference organsation for meeting and events by Thrill event planners

10 Ways to Plan and Add Value to your Next Conference or Event

1. Ask the venue for small add-on’s that will make a different to your delegates – eg a fruit bowl in the morning for delegates, a free lolly bar during the day to keep energy levels up, upgrade of coffee machines etc. Most conference organisers can negotiate this for you if you use one.
2. If you are on a tight budget, look at cost like Audio Visual and try to overlap services or the use of the room (eg use the same venue for the conference dinner as the conference as there’s no double-booking of AV equipment, screens etc). Turnaround can be tight, but it is doable with the right team.
3. Recycle lanyards or name badges for your next event – it will be a cost saving re-using these!
4. Organise that your conference organiser manage the accommodation free of charge for your delegates. It’s a great value add and will make life a lot easier from a delegate point of view!
5. Make sure your venue can provide free pens and pads for delegates – it will be a great cost saving if you don’t have to purchase those or find a sponsor (and sponsorship can be sold on other areas).
6. Work with a strong conference organiser that is good at negotiation on your behalf.
7. Find a company that offers inclusive services rather than one that will outsource all components – every time an element gets outsourced, the cost is likely to increase.
8. If you can’t afford someone to organise the whole conference, consider sourcing out areas like Registration Management, Accommodation Management, Pre / Post tour programs. A good PCO should do Accommodation & pre/post tour programs free of charge for you.
9. Consider buffet menu’s over plated – it will be a huge saving.
10. Lastly … negotiate negotiate negotiate!

There is of course so many ways that you can add value in your bottom line, so feel free to talk to me about these. Wilna can be reached on: : +64 (0) 21 517222 or

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