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Adding value to your next conference or event planning process is one of the most important features in creating a memorable corporate meeting or event experience for your delegates. Experience in the industry counts; Thrill has attended over 6,000 conference events and activities. With a critical eye for detail, backed by knowledge of the industry our view will ensure an ROI.

We have provided your summary below, with an excellent insight into event and conference planning success.

Every dollar of your budget must count for creating the most successful conference. The event spend is to remain under constant scrutiny.

A PCO’s expectation by the client to deliver, new and innovative programs is higher than ever. Thrill adds exceptional value as our PCO’s combine their content knowledge with the ability to create and include specialist themes. We work for your business in terms of generating a high level of participation from your delegates from the start. Employing a conference organiser will direct you, your committee and staff to making the best decisions. Including quality engaging activities suitable for all. Most of all we facilitate overcoming obstacles, reduce costs, find ways around barriers and challenges. We ensure an easy process. professional conference organsation for meeting and events by Thrill event planners

Here are 10 Ways for Event Planning that will Add Value to your Next and best Conference or Event

1. Ask the conference venue or hotel for small add-on’s that will make a different to your staff and delegates.

For example an upgrade in accommodation for CEO and VIP’s. Free accommodation for the Event Organiser. Site inspections. An activation onsite or fresh fruits for delegates. A free sweet treat throughout the day to keep energy levels up. Upgrade of coffee, access to facilities, transport and amenities etc. Most conference organisers can negotiate this for you. But only if you use one.

2. If you are on a tight budget, look at Audio Visual costs and try to overlap services or the use of the room (eg use the same venue for the conference dinner as the conference as there’s no double-booking of AV equipment, screens, sound systems. Turnarounds can be tight, but are achievable with the right team at the helm.

3. Recycle everything that can be salvaged,. Theming for your next event. Enjoy the cost saving re-using props, or hire stage effcts!

4. Organise that your professional conference organiser manage the accommodation free of charge for your delegates. It’s a great value add and will make life a lot easier from a delegate point of view!

5. Make sure your venue can provide free pens and pads for delegates – it will be a great cost saving if you don’t have to purchase those or find a sponsor. Notable sponsorship can be sold on other areas. Your PCO can research and reach out to potential sponsors.

6. Work with a strong conference organiser that is good at negotiation on your companies behalf.

7. Secure a company that offers inclusive services rather than one that will outsource all components – every time an element gets outsourced, the cost inevitably increase.

8. If you can’t afford someone to organise the whole conference, consider sourcing out areas like Registration Management, Accommodation Management, Pre / Post tour programs. A good PCO would handle the Accommodation as well as pre/post tour programs. Possibly free of charge for your organisation.

9. Consider buffet menu’s over alternate serve plating especially for dinners – this is generally a significant saving.

10. Most importantly. negotiate negotiate negotiate! Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each venue. Understanding the merits of location that would save on transportation. Ensure that the conference content, location and activities are all focussed on meeting the original reasons and achieving the outcomes.

There is of course so many ways that you can add value in your bottom line, so feel free to talk to Thrill Conference Events team about these.  Call Thrill PCO experts and Event Planners are in Sydney and on The Gold Coast in Australia. 

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