Hunter Valley or Gold Coast Amazing Races that Unite Staff and Teams

The value of an amazing race is not quite knowing all the details in advance
Ie opening the envelopes / discovering together what’s inside
– where to go / how to get there and adapting / strategising
One Steel amazing race team building activity winner in Hunter Valley
Then upon arrival at each of the destinations receiving another envelope that describes the challenge
Committing to the challenge to the best of your capabilities as a united team
Although we have written activities for each challenge  (over 300 challenges written up)
– we sit down and adapt / customise  these for business teams and print the content typically 3-5 days prior to the event.
Hunter Valley Team Building Activities Wine Barrell Rolling Games
/ 100 for arrivals
/ 200 for challenges
1. Brief
chant / song / war cry / team identity – UNIFY staff
2. Brains trust trivia to depart –  best placement of staff
3. Search and Retrieve to next destination / Strategy / Problem Solving and Priorities
4-5.  Minute 2 Win it DETOUR – Fun in a limited time
select A or B
Step on Up or Oreo / Facially aware
Minute 2 Win it games skills and laughter for fun staff events on the gold coast resorts and conference venues
Route to next challenge – DECODE
6.  Art works Caricature
create caricatures of colleagues whilst discussing life / work and the universe
Route to next challenge
7. Road Block
8. Aqua Golf
Hit a series of Golf balls to achieve targets
Each round the style of hitting the golf ball changes
Route to next challenge
9. Chocolate Eating Challenge,
 eat and sample HV chocolates, noting subtleties of the chocolates
Route To Smelly Cheese Shop
10.  Cheese Challenge
eat cheese and identify the varities, visually, blindfolded by olfactory smell and taste.
referenced by going into the Cheesery and matching the results
11.  Puzzler
helping hands fit two puzzle pieces together
View puzzle / remaster the puzzle
12. Router to Pitstop DECIPHER final registrations
Points tallied / highest overall scoring team wins
Presentations – Trophy and novelty prizes – Thank you and depart.
Thrill amazing champions-winner-team-trophy-activity
Each challenge is professionally run and hosted.
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