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Inspire Your Team’s Reward This EOFY with Thrill!

With the EOFY fast approaching, seize the opportunity to elevate your team’s potential through Thrill’s transformative workshops, exciting CSR initiatives, and adrenaline-pumping team-building activities!

This period of economic growth is not just about closing the books! It’s a golden opportunity to invest in your team’s growth and celebrate reaching the chequered flag winners checkpoint.

Here’s how you can turn the EOFY into a powerful moment. 

Enquire now with Thrill’s tailored workshops or programs with MBTI facilitation that align with your staff development goals.

Invest in your team’s growth to boost morale and enhance your team’s problem solving, inter-relationship communication skill-set, with 100% staff engagement and enjoyment!

Step out of the office and into the fun with Thrill's exhilarating team-building events!

Make a difference with a range of Thrill CSR initiatives!

Support communities with Thrill's CSR initiatives whilst making memories

Thrill Furniture-4-Families and Toys-4-Kids activities not only strengthen your staff’s teamwork skills, but brings them closer together. As you combine ingredients to contribute to a greater cause. Creating a shared sense of achievement and camaraderie.

In this judgement-free zone, we seek to support families wherever we can with the help of your staff. Hands-on team experiences builds lasting memories and a sense of accomplishment as you make a real difference in other peoples lives, whilst building your team resilience helping others!


Get the adrenaline pumping with thrilling fun and rewarding team building activities!

Thrill Amazing Races and Thrill Survivor Challenges encourage teamwork and friendly competition. Nothing bonds a team like a bit of thrill and excitement. These staff experiences build trust, improve communication, and create lasting memories between your team!

Get in the spirit of mate-ship and camaraderie in our Mini Olympics Activities to celebrate the upcoming 2024 Paris Games.

Bring on the energy, inspiration and participate in embodied learning to spend an active day laughing and playing modified Olympic games with your work colleagues!

Amazing Races available in Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Hunter Valley and more!

Hard work is Done it’s time to have some fun!

Work life balance is key. After the hard work is done, it’s time to break away from the office and break out the dance moves. Thrill Flash Mobs and Cooking Innovation activities invite laughter which helps break down barriers, to encourage more open interactions among your team. ..with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Team building has never been easier with Thrill!

This 2024 EOFY doesn’t have to be just about numbers and reports. It’s an opportunity to strengthen your team, fostering a positive work environment,. Let’s set the stage for continued success. Focusing on personal and team growth. Engaging in CSR Corporate Socially Responsible Thrill activities, you’ll build a more cohesive and high-performing team ready to take on the new financial year!

  •  20+ years successful facilitation, Thrill has raised over $1million in sponsorships for CSR initiatives.
  • Let us at Thrill guide or reward your staff!
  • Building trust, cohesion, improve communication and create long lasting memories this End Of Financial Year – EOFY!