Michelle Chapman Accredited MBTI facilitator Master Class for undertsnading and applying MBTI team training skills

MBTI Master Class Improving your Leaders Communication and Management

Does your team already know their MBTI profile and want to know more about how to utilise it? Thrill MBTI Master Class will help.

As 2022 comes to a close – it is time to start planning for 2023. Make this the year to set an enterprising vision of the future for organisations companies, staff and employees to achieve their best!

Cathay Pacific engaged THRILL lead facilitator and accredited professional presenter Michelle Chapman (Mish). To facilitate experiential activities, further improving understanding of the proven MBTI personality profiling tool.

MBTI is functional, reliable and enables staff, management and leaders to gain a better perspective of their preferred communication styles well beyond DISC. Cathay Pacific were super impressed with Thrill’s program development and facilitation we were also called in to create a unique team building event.

“Engaging the Hearts and Minds of 75 Cathay Pacific staff at The Pullman Hotel, Sydney”.

Further details on the inspiring team building activities will be released very soon. In the interim, have you asked yourself “are you leading your staff in the best possible way ?”.

MBTI Mastering Communication Training to Understand Personality Types