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Presence is powerful, Covid Safe presence is essential, adapt the connection in your office and during Team Building Events

Presence is powerful and allows to connect in an authentic way. Even with Covid it is possible: Thrill Team Event Programs, Team Building Event and Activities are Covid Safe and follow CDC guidelines.

There are several ways to interact with colleagues or family: phone, texts, video, emails, etc. The most efficient way is still presence. Face-to-face interaction is the most powerful way.

Why Face-to-face Communication is Powerful

  • Stronger connection
  • Build relationship
  • Better non-verbal understanding
  • Quicker and more efficient
  • Clearly communicating goals and objectives
  • More team participation
  • More focus and proactive
  • Enhance credibility and trust
  • Demonstrate importance
  • Gather feedback
  • Ensure authenticity

“There’s a temptation in our networked age to think that ideas can be developed by email and iChat. That’s crazy. Creativity comes from spontaneous meetings, from random discussions.”

Says the iPhone inventor Steve Jobs.

Thrill Covid Safe solutions:

  1. Always have a hand sanitiser with you
  2. Re organise the office to keep social distancing
  3. Wear masks when needed
  4. Try to limit going out in public places
  5. Disinfect items coming in the office

Thrill applies these solutions to these events. All programs are adapted and are Covid Safe. Share and connect with your colleagues during a Covid Safe Team Building event with Thrill Team Event.

Presence is powerful. Covid Safe presence is essential.

Enauire NOW to Covid Safely Thrill your Team.