Board room team building sjkate boards for youth charity

Engage your Team – Covid Safe Team Building Solutions 7 part series with videos to Inspire Staff

Keeping staff engaged, connected and motivated through the Covid19 pandemic is now made easier for employers with Thrill Team Events Covid Safe team building solutions.

Engagement includes for employees positive energy, being inclusive, valued, well-being and motivated by their work and In the company. This can be difficult to establish remotely. Carefully implementing face-to-face social interaction is a difficult, but not impossible situation.

Thrill provides Covid Safe Team Building solutions

Check our number #1 video « Engage your Team » from our series Journey Through Covid Times For Teams.

“We want your team to be engaged” Konrad Lippmann, Thrill Team Events CEO.

With 25 years experiences of Team Building events and activities, Thrill team members have the expertise to encourage employee engagement. Through Covid Safe activities to build connection, collaboration, good relationships, make adjustments, enhance teamwork, being inclusive, motivated and feel valued, Thrill help you to keep team spirit alive.

MBTI program – Covid Safe solution for Leaders

MBTI accredited professional facilitator deliver training programs staff change

One of the best personality and teamwork profilings tools. Designed to stimulate staff awareness, communication with engagement activities that are adapted to each employee. Investing in The Myers Briggs Type Indicator MBTI opens the opportunity of personal growth and effective leadership in these Covid Times. Thrill staff training facilitators provide a greater level of understanding and the ability of interpretation of the results in practical ways. Both for individual staff and within unique business teams. The MBTI profiling tool helps leaders get to know and understand each employee. Empathising in how they deal with change and their ability to adapt. Michelle Chapman, key Thrill facilitator is an accomplished MBTI accredited practitioner and experiential facilitator. She leads amazing MBTI based learning workshops.

Brilliant resource and facilitation of engagement, communication and understanding during Covid Times. Contact us.

Benefits of excellent staff engagement, specially during challenging and dynamically changing times

A strong commitment of your employees in their work, team and company promotes productivity, creativity and innovation. It also enhances proactivity, leads motivation and drives performances.

How Thrill adapts programs and applies Covid Safety Guidelines

Board room team building sjkate boards for youth charity
  • Online briefing prior to face to face Covid Safe and Socially Distancing programs
  • Creating parallel play activities
  • Practicing part-whole-part games where each person presents a component of the program
  • Maintaining social distancing measures (1.5m)
  • Using hand sanitizers and alcohol wipes to keep surfaces and contact clean
  • Protecting staff with face masks and deep cleaned environments
  • Be very vigilant and focus on outdoor activities

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