Adapt your Business to Covid19 – The “new normal”

Adapt your staff and work life to Covid19 pandemic by being Covid Safe with Thrill Team Events custom built solutions.

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Covid19 pandemic is testing us and now asking to adapt: our relationships, communication, collaboration. More generally our daily life needs to be rebuilt by being Covid Safe for our own and others safety.

Check our number #2 video « Adapt your Team » from our series Journey Through Covid Times For Teams.

New exciting and Covid Safe normal life – process of adapting

There are many ways to adapt to change and it is personal to everyone and every company. Change will always happen and we need to find the best way to adjust.
Choose your 3 Stages concept:

1. Change-React-Respond

  • What changed and how does it affect you: name the modification and what it involves
  • How do you feel about the change: note your instinctive feelings after the change happened
  • How do you choose to deal with this transformation: you can identify pros and cons

2. Be Reactive-Proactive-Positive

  • React and live the change: let your emotions and first though express them-self
  • Analyze and act: point what you can do, control and focus on it
  • Look forward: stay positive, ambitious and keep moving ahead

3. Accept-Explore-Define

  • Let go the past, focus on the present: admit change has occurred and note differences
  • Experiment possibilities: discover new opportunities and test them
  • Determine your new goals: Find out what you want, what you can do and go for it

Thrill Team Building Events can help you to find out the best way for you, your staff and company to adapt. Through Team Building activities our facilitators can point and work on the concept that would best work for you. Explore you possibilities to adapt.

Thrill solutions to Covid Safe Adapt

Adapt is a must today. Start by adjusting small aspects as communication or connection before changing your daily life.

Reinvent and innovate

  • Set up a time to remotely connect: Friday 10am is coffee time with everyone
  • Develop ways to communicate: use digital tools (ZoomChat, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts), or new speaking methods (NVC, common language)
  • Find thrilling techniques to engage your team: stimulate staff awareness with MBTI profiling tool. Check it HERE
  • Increase employees relationships: participate to a Covid Safe Team Building event exploring your 5 senses and developing trust with your colleagues
  • Adjust your ability to listen: try and practice active listening to catch all information and efficiently use them. Learn more HERE

Invest in your Adaptation

“Make adaptation a challenge and experience.”
Aggi, Thrill team

Being adaptable allows to develop creativity, problem solving, a ‘can do’ attitude, working on priorities and being flexible. It is a learning and quality you will always need and use. Invest in your future, today.

Thrill Team Event did it: we are still setting Team Building Activities for companies, remotely or face-to-face, but with Covid Safe methods Guidelines.

Thrill provide Covid Safe Team Building Event to help you to adapt as a team.

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