Facilitating CovidSafe Common Teamwork Language to improve Communication with your Colleagues and Peers

Ever wonder why communication breaks down in a team, despite everyone smiling and saying yes implementing Covid safe practices? Communication is one of the most important skills in developing exceptional teamwork. There are many different tools and exercises to improve communication. Taking time, creating your own Team Common Language will engage positive results for your team development, leadership, work productivity and employee’s mental health.


5 of the best Covid Safe communication improvement exercises that Thrill team building facilitates online, zoom, microsoft team, google hangout, skype or Covid Physical Distancing face to 1.5m face

1. Clean Language: utilising metaphors and mental representations. Thrill teambuilding techniques online or Covid Safe physical distancing face to face training, allows employees to learn, understand and compare thoughts of each member of their team. Creating easier and fast methods to adapt new communication channels, working in collaboratively with peers and colleagues.

2. Improvisation Theater: Facilitated Improvisation exercises helps to develop connection and cohesion between employees directly through role-playing. An excellent way to work on listening, quick analysis and reactivity.

3. Language analysis: knowing the meaning of each other’s words helps to communicate more effectively. Thinking about which words are the most important in the other’s speech, helps to understand more quickly and precisely the thought or vision of your colleagues. Keeping communication directed to the subject area, agreeance on common language. Listening carefully to what is being explained or described, taking time to review the information and making thought through suggestions rather than random ideas.

4. Blind race: losing sight forces the individual to trust the person who is guiding. And the guide has to choose his words carefully to be successful. This game improves trust, responsibility, creativity and precision in the choice of words, whilst improving respect and trust in co-workers.

5. Picture description: making someone draw a picture in the best possible way requires many details, described well. Using common references and words that evoke the same thing for all is a good way to bring together the visions and perceptions of each members of a team. We call this communication an opening for sharing and caring in teambuilding. Ultimately improving the way in which we use tone and handle potential inter staff conflicts.

6. Developing a common language is important for the best teamwork results. Thrill team building coaches help you develop the right skills. As an initial communication exercise. First, think of a flower, as detailed as possible, and share your verbal representation (without the naming the flower) with your colleague. Then allow them to search google and send you the described image. Let’s see if you have the same one.

Please contact Thrill to organise your businesses team building common language covid safe team coaching to achieve surprising and powerful teamwork results.