Add a little Art to your life – increase Innovation and Productivity

Include ART to increase Innovation, Productivity and Motivation in your next amazing Team Building Event with Thrill located in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or in the Blue Mountains

The notion of art is very broad. But what is important is above all creativity. It is beneficial for many reasons. It allows innovation, escape, and inner well-being.


Creativity goes much further than being able to make beautiful paintings or even solve problems. It is an ability that stimulates your entire thought process. It is very interesting to cultivate your creative mind, because the more it is developed, the more you become efficient, productive, effective and motivated. Creativity also helps us to adapt, to find new and ingenious ideas, and to make connections between our activities, experiences and market trends.

Thanks to an artistic spirit, it is possible to have an idea without yet being able to make it conscious. But this is already a first step. Abilities, intuition and self-confidence are developed through this process of awareness helped by creativity.


And the good thing about creativity is that you can learn and develop it!

Being curious is a first step. Visiting museums, reading about the different artistic movements, and/or being confronted with art allows you to build up an artistic profile with what you like a little bit or not at all. Then you can develop your creative spirit through activities. Painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, assembling, poetry, music. All are accessible and possible, even for beginners.

Amazing Race offers you to discover and develop your creative spirit with an awesome Team Building event around art. With your team, take part in fun and creative activities to enrich your knowledge and skills. Come artists!

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