Discover the sens of your 5 senses during an Experimental Team Building Event

Discover and test your vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste with your colleagues during an Experimental Team building Event to facilitate your team communication and collaboration.

Do you use your vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell completely?

Our 5 senses are given to us (for the most part) from the moment we are born. As we grow they develop. They are indicators and receivers of information that we constantly use, without really being aware of it.

  • Sight – eyes: They memorize what we see and quickly send it to the brain. A major part of the information we receive comes from what we see.
  • Hearing – ears: They pick up vibrations and transform them into sound before sending them to the brain. One of the most widely used tools for communication.
  • Smell – nose: In addition to oxygen, it receives scents. They are indicators that help to avoid certain dangers such as fire or toxic gases.
  • Taste – tongue: Our tongue is full of taste buds that allow us to capture the taste and texture of food. Then they send them to the brain. There are 4 basic tastes: bitter, sour, sweet, salty. Taste gives pleasure.
  • Touch – skin: It is formed of the epidermis, the outer layer (protects) and the dermis, the inner layer, tactile receptors. We have several types, each dedicated to a particular sensation. They are then transmitted to the brain, which sends alert messages if necessary.

All of them are very important and year after year we have created a balance with them. Thrill invites you to test them. To explore them. And to change the balance you have built.

Blind activities, Games with noise-cancelling headphones, Textures memory game, Smell association, Food testing.

Bring your team to explore its 5 senses through fun games to improve collaboration, communication and listening.

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