Strengthen your team during Covid times with awesome team building activities and events

Keep your staff united, strong and motivated during Covid19 pandemic with brilliant Thrill team building events and activities to strengthen teamwork, team bonding and reach success.

Thrill Team Events provides challenging activities to strengthen your team accessible to all abilities. « Achieving success by competing » Konrad Lippmann, Thrill CEO.

5 thrilling tips to strengthen your staff

Let’s strengthen your team developing a better communication, connection and relationship to get through Covid19 and still be successful.

Check our #3 episode from our 7 part series Journey Through Covid Times For Team: « Strengthen your team » and find out more solutions.

1- Develop team bonds

As « the founder of modern management », Peter Drucker said: « There is no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’ ». At Thrill, we agree with it. Members of a team need to share common goals and expectations in work and in everyday life. Creating good relationships between employees helps to overcome challenging situations. A great team bonding means staff can enjoy discussion out from the office, become friends as well, which is one of the best ways to increase productivity in the office.

2- Communicate effectively

Having quality communication is essential. It includes a good capacity of listening, attention, focus and analysis. Being transparent and knowing on which channel to communicate is better to develop an easy and smooth communication. It will also save time of explanation and understanding. An amazing tool to facilitate exchange is MBTI. You can check our program and workshop HERE.

3- Problem solve collaboratively

Every members of a team bring its skills, visions and expertise. This is why collaboration is crucial. Especially in a tricky sudden situation. Working as a team, together to solve problem is a must. It helps to be motivated and creative. Check our amazing programs to solve problems as a team and succeed HERE.

4- Improve leadership

Being or having a good leader allows a common guidance and follow the same solid vision. It also helps to keep a high energy which leads to performance and success. A great leader noted employees among themselves and with the company.

5- Reward and celebrate

Taking a moment to recognize, appreciate and acknowledge, even just with a smile, keep employees happy and eager to move up the ladder. It motivates to work harder and confirms staff work is valued.


Thrill deliver Covid Safe team building activities to strength your team. Through themed events like charity, survivor, amazing races, treasure hunts our facilitator helps your to develop your relationships, skills, communication, collaboration, cohesion, teamwork and motivation.

Share an awesome experience to strengthen your team during Covid Times!

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