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Be a good leader for your team during Covid19 pandemic

Queen-Flash-Mob-Performance-Thrill in Sydney East Hills

Be the greatest Covid Safe leader for your team with Thrill team building tips, activities and events from Sydney to the Gold Coast and Brisbane, online or Covid Safely face-to-face.

Today’s situation is testing our abilities to lead and empower teams through a crisis. Leaders have an important role for their team, staff and employees and need to be strong.

Find out solutions in our 7 part series episode #4 ‘Lead your team’.

10 BE’s for a great leader

1- BE empathetic

Empathy can make a big difference. It creates bonds, guides understanding, gives insight and helps communication. A good way to test and improve empathy is with Nonviolent Communication. Check it HERE

2- BE visible and accessible

Be open to communicate with everyone. Showing yourself available to discuss, listen and share will encourage employees to talk and speak out which is important to work as a team and feel good in the office.

3- BE equal

Make everyone feeling equal. If all employees feel to be at the same level it won’t create frustration. It will develop motivation, challenge and collaboration.

4- BE an observer

Have your eyes open and try to analyze. People don’t always ask for help, especially to their supervisor. It is your role to observe, offer your support and give advice to move forward.

5- BE clear

You can hesitate but when you deliver an information, be sure and clear. It will help avoiding confusion or misunderstanding which can create conflicts. It will also allow to be faster and more efficient.

6- BE positive

It can be a challenge sometimes but it is important to stay positive. A team feels more motivated from someone who is smiling and confident then very stress and pessimistic.

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7- BE present / connected

Show you are here with them. You are part of the team so being connected and present will testify employees your engagement to work.

8- BE supportive

Ensure well-being of your team. Provide guidance and assistance when it is necessary. They will feel

9- BE directive

Know when directions need to be fixed. It will provide structure, security, safety and accountability which are require at some points.

10- BE rewarding

Keep a moment to recognize efforts especially during a challenge time like Covid19. It will make employees feeling valued, happy at their work and will also motivate.

You can also check « 7 Ways to Lead Your Team: Be First……Be Last » book from Bruce E. Brown, Proactive Coaching:

  1. Serve
  2. Lead by example
  3. Lifeline of communication
  4. Praise others
  5. Protect and defend
  6. Confront violations of team standards
  7. Encourage

It is designed for coaches to give to their athletes who are in leadership positions on their teams but it gives keys and aspect you can also use at the office with your team and colleagues.

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