Encourage and Motivate your team during Covid19 with Thrill Activities that Develop Colleagues Collaboration and Support Skills

Thrill helps you to support your team during Covid19 pandemic with amazing Covid Safe team building event and activities in all locations. From inner City Sydney to The Gold Coast Beaches.

Showing support and connection to your business staff and employees during this challenging Covid time is a necessity – but how? It’s time to organise a quality team event to keep your team united as one, with each colleague being valued and thereby motivated to keep performing their best. Thrill provides a large range of custom built activities and themed events for businesses and teams.

Check our episode #5 ‘Support your Team’ from our 7 part series Journey Through Covid For Teams Building Strength and find out solutions that apply to everyday office life.

Escape with a Covid Safe Treasure Hunt through Sydney from the Head Offices to The Suburbs of Your Employees


Escape from your working and home life for a moment. Be someone else, a super hero perhaps. Laughing, sharing and smiling together for 2- 3 magical hours. Explore and discover a wonderful journey that reveals the qualities of your colleagues united as a crew, working as a winning team. Find clues that reveal a hidden chest. Become the Raiders Of The Lost Ark explorer or pack up and escape to Cockatoo Island on Sydney Harbour. The Thrill team will create and deliver a Covid Safe custom built scavenger and treasure hunting experience with drinks and catering for you and your business. Get ready,
1-2-3-Explore! Find out more about Treasure hunt events HERE

Become part of the bigger Solution with Charity Building programs Engaging the Corporate Body and Mind

Support and connect with your staff, work colleagues to create new teams by supporting and helping others in need. Engage your employees minds and muscle with charity building events. Build the best Bikes 4 Kids, Billy Carts, Cubby Houses. Furniture 4 Families, Helping Hands and more.
“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” —Ronald Reagan
Choose you cause and join us to support others. Check our amazing programs HERE

Build Lasting and Strong Staff Relationships with Survivor

Take your tribe and experience challenging activities during an adventure re-creating the reality-competition. Strengthen your teamwork, develop team bonds and collaborate to solve problems. Trust our amazing trained professionals facilitators to test and push your limits. Self-development and team-development guaranteed.
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Overcome fear together creating a flashmob

Find or re-find your team connection, cohesion and collaboration. Learning and performing a flashmob is a great exercise and event to overcome fear as a team. You can rely on your colleagues next to you if you fell lost at any time. Your are all engage on the same music.
Check what you can do HERE


Have a break in Taronga Zoo on Wild Ropes

Relax and have fun during a high ropes course. The best way to share a great moment in the native Australian wildlife. Take a moment to breathe and jump on the rope. Leave all your responsibilities and concerns. Enjoy a nice time with your colleagues.
Check our custom built program HERE

Thrill team members have a lot of others ideas. Give us a call, tell us what you are looking for and how your team leaves Covid19 situation. We will create the most suitable event for you.

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