How to Re-Connect your team of staff Face to Face Covid Safely

Is it time to start re-connecting Face to Face and share experiences, ideas, thoughts and a vision for your businesses future? At Thrill team and staff training we think that conducting Covid Safe team building activities and moving forward should now be on the agenda. Be the company that gets the cheese by re-connecting their staff, employees, managers with exceptional Covid Safe System activities from Sydney to Brisbane in time for Christmas.

This Covid pandemic has changed the ways we interact with others, colleagues and employees. It has changed the way in which Thrill facilitates its staff training programs. We cannot immune ourselves to a virus. However we can adopt best practices as a business than demonstrates surviving through crisis. Communication, participation and connection are key!

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The Thrill Innovation Connection Cycle

Adapting to new environments. Involves changing your own mindset and the actions of employees to connect Covid Safely. It is a good exercise to be creative and innovate, so that when the Australian Govt relaxs some of the Covid retrictions your business will be at the forefront, ready to leap into action. What you can do:

  • Re-organise your office to keep social distancing
  • Find new hobbies to share like baking a cake, creating a painting and compare it with your friend
  • Look for new exciting activities: bubble soccer, archery, theater sports, cycling
  • Try new ways to communicate here is a NonViolent Communication talk that may assist. Especially those that are ‘over’ communication tools like zoom video conferencing
  • Create a « common reference dictionary » to exchange more information, succinctly, accurately, super efficiently.
  • Experience a Covid Safe team building program that takes your team into 2021 with a positive outlook

There are many wonderful others ways to adapt connection with staff, colleagues, employees, family and friends. Innovate, experience and decide which one is the most suitable to your situation. It actually can be funny and develop your creative spirit.

Staff Connecting in 2021

Connection can come from different things, people, vibes or more surprising elements. What you need is to be open minded and open to any kind of bonds. It could be physical, spiritual or a conceptual, theoretical connection.

Physical Encounters Safely

If you hold someone else hand or hold the same band you are physically connected. It can provoke different feelings like confidence, encouragement, collaboration, kindness and understanding. Here is an image of breaking the connection whilst having the team bonded. The lateral thinkers and experiential learners are most likely to succeed in this unique Thrill team initiative.

Is there a Spiritual Connection Path when Team Building?

Sometimes we can feel connected to someone else through the mind. Doesn’t need to know the other from a long time or share a lot of interests to identify a connection. Some people are just on the same page and don’t necessarily need to talk to understand each other. The natural gelling of a team is unique. Facilitating teamwork is an art. As with most relationships, keeping a positive relationship takes energy and skill. When all the players accept they will benefit from commitment and make that commitment – the results are empowering.

Theoretical Team Building, is there really such a thing or is it better to Walk The Talk and go beyond the conversation to achieve successful outcomes

Other times because of many common interests, attitudes or experiences you are connected to someone else or to a group of people. Even if you don’t want to or if you are not looking for it, you can be part of a whole.

Connection can also be built. During a team building event for example, we run activities which create or strengthen bonds.

Enquire now to experience our Covid Safe Staff Training programs to re-connect with purpose. Let Thrill create that connection with your staff, employees and colleagues.

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