Sam Crwathorn Motivational speaker with Thrill events

Sam Crawthorn Motivational Speaker hands JnJ over to Thrill

Sam Crawthorn is a man that understands how an unremarkable day can drastically change within seconds. The only thing is, who is in control. ‘KAIROS‘ is that supreme moment within a moment that significantly alters your life. Sam’s destiny changed with an incredible velocity and now makes an impact with corporate groups as an outstanding motivational speaker.Johnson and Johnson family of companies team building with Thrill events, Sydney

The Thrill events team witnessed the transformation and positive impact that Sam generated through his infectious humorous enthusiasm, crafted activities and interactive motivation delivered. Johnson and Johnson (JnJ) finance staff enjoyed the presentation that included everyone engaging in the activities presented. There was no opportunity to deny participation.

Such a friendly clever facilitation was weaved into the stories. Revealing personal insights and adverse journeys that we travel through.

Some of those situations can stall us.

However we can elect to bounce back, but it is better to BOUNCE FORWARD! Sam Crwathorn Motivational speaker with Thrill events

  • moments of crisis and adversity
    – shift your mind and body into new levels of inner power.
    – Unleash your true potential.
  • move beyond a pain curve
  • How I made crisis the BEST thing that happened
  • Secret to turning your life around from any crisis… in just 12 days. 
  • Transform your life with motivation secrets
    – get you “off your duff” and inspired instantly.
    – do NOT use Money or Profit as your reason for change.
  • How to take control of your thinking
    – get the results you want whenever you want.
  • Simple self-defence “tricks”
    – use whenever a crisis hits.
    – turn unexpected crisis into positive opportunities that bounce you forward.
  • % PO.W.E.R. traits you need that translate proximity into positive power and an amazing life.
    – traits that help you bounce forward stronger than ever.
  • Best way to leverage powerful positivity
    – that fuels success.
  • Move your life from “daily grind” to happiness.
    – S
    ecret to living a meaningful and fulfilling life.
  • The right type of mindset for moving towards a new, brighter future.
  • Maintain this mindset in the face of all obstacles.
  • The 12 Day Crisis Turnaround Challenge.
    – T
    ransform your life in 12 days in a fun challenge.


“It’s not often that a man comes back from the dead and lives to tell the tale but Sam is one of those miracle men.” – The Daily Telegraph

You are the most extraordinary person that I’ve ever met. Your courage and will to overcome adversity is commendable. I truly feel privileged to have witnessed such an amazing talent. You are changing the world one person at a time. You’ve changed us. Google


Inspiring and entertaining the room was transfixed by Sam’s message of optimism in both business and in life. CEO Citibank


“Sam is a very engaging speaker and his message of “bouncing forward” resonated with our team. He’s a living example of how important it is to stay positive, to be resilient and to keep pushing forward no matter what challenges come” BP President


Extraordinary, if you’ve met Sam its a unique experience. Prime Minister of Australia

Your speech was thoroughly inspiring and crafted with just the right amount of humour, drama and showmanship. Once again, thanks for your magnificent effort in closing the National Speakers Convention President – The International Federation for Professional Speakers

With out a doubt the BEST speaker we have ever heard and one of the most inspirational hours of our lives Pymble Ladies College

I have been coming along to these type of conferences for over 15 years, this session is by far the BEST session that I have ever attended. Manager – Commonwealth Bank

We engaged Sam Cawthorn to address our National Sales Team… Not only was Sam’s story inspirational he directly related it to the challenges our team face daily. I highly recommend Sam to any organisation seeking to motivate their staff. National Sales Manager – Toyota


Among some of the most high profile speakers in the world, Sam was the highest ranked speaker in the history of our annual conference.

To coordinate Sam Crawthorn motivational speaker with guts, determination and real talents that communicates to a broad audience. Integrating with your team building activities.

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