Task Master Staff Team Building Activities Teamwork Tasks by Tom to Accomplish

Welcome to Thrill Task Master new team building activities Teamwork Tasks and events by Tom to accomplish in Sydney, Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains or Gold Coast conferences and meetings.


Unite or divide staff individually or in teams through a series of interesting, intriguing Thrill Tom’s Task Master Activities to accomplish.


Move over TaskMaster Tom Gleeson it’s hard time to get past getting your HARD logie award!

Here we ask. Are your staff or team up to or able to stay on task? Is your Boss a Task Master? Mine is!!!

Let’s Task Your People, Staff, Employees or Teams into the quirky, weird and wonderful TASK master activities that Thrill uniquely designs and challenges for business and corporate groups.

Using lateral thinking, strategy and team work, staff are challenged to succeed. Not to beg or negotiate.

Staff Struggle or Shine in TaskMaster Teamwork and Challenge Events

  • accomplish a series of live tasks that Thrill facilitators set for your team
  • timed individual staff and teamwork TASK challenges
  • points for accomplishing each TASK
  • using random items to build, rescue, deliver, steal
  • yes it is unusual
  • quirky team  building
  • thinking outside of the box for staff
  • may be a bit ridiculous but entertaining in how each staff or team comes up with their unique strategies / solutions

Thrill is themed and dressed for Task Master success impersonating Tom and Tom.

We highlight the failures, briefly celebrate the success and score subjectively the TASKS.

That your team performs or fails (we all learn from your failures).

task Master Activities Envelope

It’s Another Task activity that can involve physical, lateral thinking and creative skills


Contestants can be disqualified and awarded no points for a task if they fail to achieve the task masters objective.

Inadvertently break one of the task master rules, or cheat.

Conversely, staff can be given bonus TASK points.

Occasionally, prank TASKS are given to one contestant alone. Who is led to believe all others are performing the same task.

Task Master is the New and Unique Staff Team Building Ideas full of fun team and individual challenges to overcome.

TOM impersonater or Davies, may award bonus points for these. Task Master Team Building Activities Staff Skills Problem Solving training. Time starts now!

Welcome to the official TaskMaster Teambuilding. Watch Taskmaster Copy Tasks from around the globe.



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