thinking team work team building innovation to leadership

Team thinking exercises unite people in teams, building professional, leadership, workplace culture and social skills

Invest in collaborative thinking team exercises to unite people in teams, building both professional and social skills.

Thrill team building activities will have your staff and employees or managers:

✅ Collaborate on design

✅ Review real-time data from real life examples

✅ Measure and track progress over time

✅ Manage participants and staff management

✅ Get your team, business, cohort, colleagues and organisations involved faster and more engagingly

✅ Combine learning assets; staff training workshops, meeting spaces, application activities, video and app based supported interactive learning, evaluation tools.

thinking team work team building innovation to leadership


THRILL team programs 4 people to perform their best!

Thrill delivers an excellent range of human skills, leadership, and workplace culture programs.

People Leadership through to Graduate Development and THRILL Strength Programs.

Who are the people that deliver THRILL staff training and learning programs?

Thrill learning designers and facilitators are skilled professionals in educational teamwork program design. We are passionate to ensure excellent delivery of team building and personality based learning. Thrill Facilitators build lasting quality relationships. We help corporate teams, businesses and participants to further develop communication, cohesion, collaboration capabilities.

Thrill thinking ahead to achieve outcomes

Each Thrill staff training activity, learning session or leadership development program is tracked to meet specific measureable outcomes. Being outcomes focussed with training tools supported by data and feedback. We create a personalised staff training dashboard to success. Thrill client teams experience interactive workshops. With the right tools to monitor and gain feedback on their progress.

How we measure up?

Thrill team building programs are measured ustilising on-line tracking and feedback tools. ROI Regenerating Opportunities to Investments. Incorporating skill development. Learning, personality, motivations, behaviour, performance capability and impact. Clients and staff receive professional evaluation as well as self reflection.

Graduate Team Building Programs

Thrill facilitates graduates the capability of practicing situational leadership and management skills. An ideal step into future roles, accomplished with confidence and practiced in a safe environment. Our aim is to instill confidence in graduates and as a team. getting to know one another much better in a professional setting. Further Developing skills in EI emotional intelligence. Becoming a more effective communicator. Implementing constructive ways to engaging leader – mentor – client – staff relationships.

THRILL Leadership Program

We facilitate inclusive leadership with a focus on a range of positive behaviours. Support all people in the workplace. Thrill leadership program will help uplift the skills and capabilities of emerging leaders in business at all levels. Important tools for organisations that are focussing the lense on on improving diversity, cultural equity and inclusionary outcomes.

TEAM Innovation Program

At Thrill we love Innovation, from incorporating AI, including creativity design to implementing new methodologies that brings out the best teamwork. Happiness and security in a united workforce role. Our Aims of team innovation is a collaboration of all individual team members teaching and sharing their skills / experiences. We build teamwork. Based on teaching real skills from concept visualisation to content ideation. Then utilising staff collaboration to acheive excellence in teamwork, with maximum contribution from all staff. In a fast efficient time frame. Thrill incorporates Radical Innovation Systems ensuring current relevant industry best practices.

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