Deloitte Team Building Activities and Events by Thrill

EOFY Trivia ACTION and more 30 Teams Celebrated their Staff Thrill Events with 100% Engagement and Laughter

Congratulations it’s EOFY End Of Financial Year 2023 powered by THRILL staff entertainment rewards.

Let’s create time to celebrate staff inter-actively.

Kick off an EOFY team staff party celebrations with;

  • Trivi Action – yes each and every trivia question has an equal and attractive action to go with it – a bit like a covalent bond!
  • Minute 2 Win it Hosted Team Games Compendium – seriously engaging group activities with cliff hanger finale finish!
  • Board Breaking Through Barriers -smash em! Oh so powerful staff training for transformation.
  • Escaping the board room on exciting real Sydney or Gold Coast Treasure Hunts.
  • Get staff out n about and exploring transformative leadership with Real face to face Amazing Races team and corporate challenges.

THRILL your staff, employees and workers showing brilliance and flair.

EOFY is Now, the time to reward your staff with Fun Team Celebrations in The Rocks, in or anywhere around Sydney. Even axe throwing or team building EOFY for children’s charities.Deloitte Team Building Activities and Events by Thrill

Simply a sensational afternoon or evenings hosted entertainment events. Engagement, participation, style and the very best fun a happy team can be empowered with! Deloitte team building Sydney Trivia Champions of Fun Events

The Thrill team love entertaining your staff and bringing out their exceptional best.

Michelle Chapman Thrill events planner at the helm of your celebration. Alongside Konrad Lippmann Host master of ceremonies and Chief Executive Officer for awesome fun activities.

Ensuring all Multi media and inter-staff activities are running smoothly.

Deloitte Team Building Client Reference:

“Thrill created a magic, electric, exciting atmosphere that had all 300 Deloitte. staff cheering for more, as the Sydney Harbour Events staff kept up with delicious food and drinks flowing. Thrill ignited and excited corporate groups safely to participate with maximum smiling results!

Deloitte Trivia Action Activities were Enthusiastically Embraced the fun with 300 staff Thrilled to Beat the Boss

Competing for the spotlight to answer trivia question.

Activating the cerebral across all Trivia Categories from Sport to Culture. Whilst dancing, singing, playing, puzzling, creating and laughing!

  • Thrill accomplished 2 rounds of rich, insightful trivia questions that got all tables debating their theories on which was the most suitable answer. Nearly everyone got the 1st Trivia question of; “what sits on Bennelong Point”?
    Email to see if you are correct! enquiry button thrill team events
  1. Thrills Got Talent – incredible contortionist displayed her jaw dropping flexibility by linking fingers and rotation her shoulders to reverse our natural human form. Another wickedly skilled contender was a vocal beat boxer followed by the effervescent hand air sound musician!
  2. Rising Stars – rated a fantastic audience response.
  3. Spics and Specks Music Trivia; with the likes of guest stars; Gangnam Style by Psy and Michael Jackson flair from Thriller to Billy Jean.
  4. Show me the money; here a gentleman offered $100 polymer Australian Dollars direct to the Thrill Trivia Games Host and thereby promptly lost his money. The real trivia question here was Who is on the Front of the Australian $100 note?

Taralyn Elliott the Deloitte. event coordinator in Sydney wrote this morning:

“Just a quick note to say thank you for a great job on Friday! Everyone commented on how much they enjoyed it!

I hope we can make it an annual event!!” 

Yes you Can!

Taralyn Partner | Assurance & Advisory
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu |

When are you looking to celebrate your staff’s EOFY end of financial year achievement and invest in your employees with rewarding interactive fun that rewards and bonds teams effectively?

Call Thrill to help in developing the newest line up and range of successful Team Building Ideas. m 0459 1111 29


Thrill my Staff this End of Financial Year EOFY