Thriller Flash Mobs in time for Halloween Street Activation Celebrations

This Halloween watch out for Thriller Flash Mobs in Sydney The Rocks!


Our Thrill dance team will be thrilling crowds on the street dressed in Michael Jackson and Zombies regaled!

With Flash Mob Thriller performances on the 29th and 30th October 2022.

Look forward to haunting you there!

With day of the dead dress up and a lively Michael Jackson sound track, it’s time to thrill your audience.

Whether you are planning to impress potential clients at the next company meeting. Let’s ensure your Halloween event stands out amazingly. Thrill events will create a Thriller MJ surprise.

Amazing dancers, choreography and wicked costuming. Thriller entertainment is one of the best ways to engage your staff or audiences. Thrill the public, conference group and all attendees.

Thrill event performance presentations can incorporate your guests. Making it an exciting audience participation flash mob in house or on the streets.